EARTHLOK Erosion Control Matting

For almost 60 years, EARTHLOK erosion control matting has been used to prevent erosion in waterways, roadways, and construction sites. While there are many materials that can be used, EARTHLOK has stood the test of time and is a trusted erosion control solution.

 EARTHLOK is made of flexible polyethylene and is capable of withstanding some of the most corrosive water found on the earth. EARTHLOK is also UV resistant, making the material resistant to sunlight. It is also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. EARTHLOK is available in 12-foot and 20-foot widths and in tan, green, and black.

EARTHLOK is a patented, flexible woven geotextile matting that is used in erosion control applications. The EARTHLOK product family consists of products made from 95% recycled material. EARTHLOK’s patented design and manufacturing process utilize needle-punched polyester yarns, specially woven to give exceptional strength, durability, puncture resistance, and superior dimensional stability. A wide range of recycled contents is incorporated to achieve the desired balance of strength and stretch.

The goal of EARTHLOK erosion control matting.

The Goal of EARTHLOK erosion control matting is to minimize erosion and soil loss from earth-moving operations. The matting provides an economical solution, incorporating the durability of a geotextile membrane, the flexibility and durability of a geogrid, and the drainage and moisture permeance of a geotextile.

EARTHLOK’s goal of erosion control matting is to protect soil from wind and water erosion. By placing this erosion control matting over an earth’s surface, dirt, sand, mud, and other heavier substances will be moved away from your site. The matting also provides stabilization to surfaces that tend to move and shift or topple. When placed over the surface of the soil, the matting will prevent runoff from soil caused by heavy rains or storms.


How often should you stand up from your desk


If you spend the majority of your day sitting down, chances are you spend a lot of time wondering about when it’s OK to stand up from your desk. On either side of the spectrum, there are strict opinions about what constitutes as excessive desk time — one side says that you shouldn’t get up at all, and others say that it’s ok to stand intermittently throughout the entire workday.

In reality, both camps have some legitimate points to make.

When we’re sitting all day, our bodies aren’t in a particularly good position for supporting us. When you combine that fact with the fact that we get little to no activity during our days, it’s not a surprise that many of us are experiencing back and posture problems.

However, just as there are risks associated with sitting all day, there are also risks associated with standing all day. If you don’t move your body throughout the day, then the risk for exhaustion-related accidents increases significantly. In fact, standing all day can be just as detrimental to your health as sitting all day.  You may want to look into a manual or electric stand up desk as it can help mix things up.

Although it may seem daunting at first, standing all day is something that you can achieve.

Without a doubt, there are some ideas floating around about the benefits of standing all day. One of these ideas is that it helps prevent back pain. The truth of the matter is that heavy lifting does increase overall back strength. However, this also puts a significant amount of stress on your muscles and can actually cause back problems.

Another idea is that standing all day helps burn calories. Although it’s true that standing up burns more calories than sitting down, …


Best property plumbing and gas at Perth Plumbing Co

Written by: iannapatt


When you’re planning for a new home or business, you’ll likely spend a lot of time investigating the available fixtures and fittings. From sinks and showers to water heaters and garbage disposals, you’ll need to know precisely what you need in order to get the job done.

But when you’re planning a new home for the first time, it can be not easy to know where to begin. As property plumbing and gas at Perth Plumbing Co work is not something most homeowners are familiar with, they can find the process somewhat overwhelming.


That’s why we’ve put together this list of plumbing and gas-related questions you should ask yourself before moving forward.

Who will be doing the plumbing and gas work?


If you’re hiring a contractor, you’ll likely want them to do your house’s plumbing and gas work. But if you’re planning to do the work yourself, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable with installing the required fixtures and fittings.


How will the plumbing and gas work be done?


This will largely determine the pipes and fixtures you’ll need for your new home. If you are running water through the ground, you’ll need large diameter pipes. If you have a septic system, you can usually avoid these larger pipes and instead use smaller ones.


You’ll also need to decide how to get the gas from the street to your home. If you are using a public utility line or a private gas line, you’ll need to choose the correct pipe type.




Plumbing and gas work can be very confusing for first-time homebuyers. That’s why we put together this list of questions you should ask yourself before moving forward with the process.


By exploring these topics in

Residential Electrician

Residential Electrician In Sydney


A residential electrician specializes in wiring a house, one circuit at a time. They work primarily with residential wiring, although they may also be asked to help with commercial work. Anyone looking for a residential electrician should make sure they are licensed. We know how important your home is to you. That’s why you should only hire residential electricians that have the experience and know how to help you. While you may think that you can simply hire anyone to fix electrical problems in your house, this isn’t a good idea. Hiring an inexperienced or poorly trained residential electrician can result in costly repairs or even a serious electrical fire. So, how do you choose the right electrical company?

If you’re thinking about a career in electrical work, your first move is high school or college. Electrical work for which a residential electrician is responsible requires specific training, and most states and the federal government require electricians to be licensed. Residential electricians can work as a part of a team or solo and are responsible for planning, installing, and maintaining electrical systems for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Depending on your chosen specialty, you may do a variety of jobs under a residential electrician’s supervision.

Residential Electrician

When you hire Sydney residential electrician, you can:

  • Save money and time-

When the electrical systems of your home or office are not working properly, you need a residential electrician to fix the problem. A residential electrician is knowledgeable and will be there to fix the problem.

  • Safety-

When you hire a professional residential electrician, you will find out your home is less susceptible to hazards.

  • Electrical repairs-

A residential electrician has the knowledge to deal with all types of electrical problems, and thus, you will be able to avoid hiring.

  • Electrical design-



Reasons Why Autocraze is Trustable

Autocraze Review Australia

Autocraze is a car dealership that offers great deals on both new and used cars. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, and has been in the business for over 10 years. Autocraze is known for its wide selection of vehicles, as well as its excellent customer service.

There are many reasons why Autocraze should be your go-to choice when purchasing a car. Here are some of the top reasons:

1. Autocraze has a wide selection of cars to choose from.

The company has a large inventory of cars, trucks, and SUVs to choose from. This makes it easy to find the perfect vehicle for your needs. The selection includes both new and used cars, so you can find the perfect fit for your budget.

2. Autocraze has a great selection of financing options.

If you need help financing your purchase, Autocraze has you covered. The company offers a variety of financing options, including both in-house and third-party financing. This makes it easy to get the car you want, regardless of your budget.

3. Autocraze has excellent customer service.

The team at Autocraze is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They will work with you to find the perfect car for your needs and budget. They also offer a variety of other services, including vehicle registration, car servicing, and more.

4. Autocraze is a trusted name in the automotive industry.

Autocraze has been in business for over 10 years. This makes them one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry. They have a track record of providing quality products and services, and they are known for their commitment to customer satisfaction.

5. Autocraze offers a great selection of warranty options.

If something goes wrong with your car, Autocraze has you covered. The company offers a …


Accommodation In Lke Nagambie


Nagambie is a township in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria. It is located on the shores of Lake Nagambie, at the junction of the Goulburn and Broken River. The township was first settled in 1836 and is a popular holiday destination for Melbournians. There are many hotels, motel rooms and other accommodation options in Nagambie to suit your budget and requirements. The following are the reason why you should choose accommodation in Nagambie:


1) Beautiful location:

Lake Nagambie is one of the most beautiful lakes in Victoria, with scenic views and a clean environment. People are attracted to the area because of its scenic value, something that will be appreciated by both tourists and residents alike.


2) A range of outdoor activities:

This destination is surrounded by hills and forests, as well as the Lake Nagambie and Broken River. These waterways make it possible for you to enjoy water sports, fishing, kayaking or canoeing. There is also beautiful scenery, making it an excellent destination for walkers and campers.


3) History:

Lake Nagambie has a rich history, and a wonderful way to discover it is by visiting the Lake Nagambie Museum, which documents past events and attractions.


4) Shopping:

As the locals say, “shopping in Nagambie is different”, and there are many boutique shops in the area that offer products that may not be found elsewhere. Shopping for souvenirs for family or friends on your return home is also very easy.


5) Affordability:

Nagambie is home to many affordable accommodation options. For example, you can rent a house, apartment or motel room for under $150 per night. This is because the township has a lower property value than many other places in Victoria.


6) Delicious food:

In Nagambie, you will find restaurants …


Are ball gowns trending in Australia?

Are ball gowns trending in Australia?

There have been a lot of new fashion trends in Australia and we loved summarising them for you. Here are the latest trends to hit the Australian market.


Heidi Klum inspires Melbourne-based designer, Kate Mai, to create an A-line dress with a unique 3-D side pocket and mini scallop edge. This dramatic change on a classic style has found success with female celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez recently wearing this fresh coat of black paint on their promenades.

True Religion has recently released their summer range at Myer. This year, the brand is incorporating prom dresses with starched creases to add definition and character to their silhouettes. The stitching accentuates each dress’s features: the curve of the bust line, the slant of the hip, and the hourglass curve from collarbone to knees. This sartorial innovation makes True Religion one of Australia’s most exciting designers today.


Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection drew inspiration from the landscape of Australia. The ‘Fiona’ dress is cut with a thigh-skimming, flatters all curves and balances its voluminous, luscious pleats with a draped back. The bright, bold colours will make the Fiona a perfect match for your prom date!

Baroque inspired designs are under way and the main theme this season is high necklines. Gucci, Fendi and Louis Vuitton are just some of the brands putting the baroque look on this season.


Prada released two new styles ranging from bold patterns in traditional tailoring to surrealist embroidered suits with shirts. The collection’s focus was on sensuality and luxury; sticking true to the brand’s spirit.


Designer, Sarah Burton, has collaborated with Australian brand, Giambattista Valli on a collection of dresses inspired by 20th century fashion.


The ‘Sapphire’ dress from Fendi will be …


Is Gel Blasters Legal in Queensland

Gel Blater is a gun that fires gel pellets. It is often used for recreational purposes, such as target shooting. Gel Blasters are legal in most states in Australia.

So, is Gel Blasters legal in Queensland?

The short answer is yes. Gel Blasters are legal in Queensland, as long as they are used in a safe and responsible manner. There are some restrictions on where you can use them, however. You cannot use Gel Blasters within 5 metres of a public place, for example.

What You Need to Know about Gel Blasters

Gel Blasters are powered by a compressed air tank. They fire gel pellets at high speeds, which can cause injury if you are hit by one. It is important to always wear safety goggles and other protective gear when using a Gel Blaster.

How do They Work?

Gel Blasters work by using compressed air to fire gel pellets. The compressed air is stored in a tank, and the pellets are fired from the gun using a piston. This causes the pellet to travel at high speeds, and can cause injury if you are hit by one.

Where Can I Use Them?

Gel Blasters can be used in most states in Australia. However, there are some restrictions on where you can use them. You cannot use Gel Blasters within 5 metres of a public place, for example.

Always wear safety goggles and other protective gear when using a Gel Blaster. Failure to do so could result in serious injury. The Queensland government has put in place some restrictions on where you can use Gel Blasters, so make sure you familiarize yourself with these before using your gun.

Gel Blasters are a great way to have fun and stay active. However, it is important to always wear safety goggles …


How to Find a Good Home Builder in Australia

When you are on your way towards building a new home in Australia, you must know how to find a good home builder in Australia. The first thing to do would be to find out how many projects the home builder is handling right now. The more projects they are handling, the more you should be impressed with the company since that would mean many people have faith in them. It is also nice to be productive rather than just sit around all day. Another thing to look for in a home builder would be a company that has gotten tons of favourable reviews from clients they serviced in the past. You can find out what their past clients think about them by looking at their Facebook page. After all, you should conclude that they would serve you in the same way that they served their past clients.

It is important for the home builder to meet your needs in more ways than one. Some examples could be your payment mode, your deadline, and even the number of people you would want to work it. It is evident you would want many people to work on the new home so that it would be finished in a short amount of time. Also, you would want to have these people dressed in a nice way and not make too many excuses. You are going to feel confident of how good the project is going to be when the best home builders in Australia has been in the business for a pretty long time. It just means the company is pretty passionate about what they do and they would not mind staying in the business for a while until you get the hang of it. Of course, it won’t also hurt to …


Garage door water dam at Seal Your Garage

Water damages reported from a garage door left open after a rainfall may be reduced if water can drain away from the garage. A dam placed across the bottom of the door’s vertical track will slow down and delay drainage, allowing it to seep beneath doors or through other openings in the building before gushing out onto your floor.


Water damages reported from a garage door left open after a rainfall may be reduced if water can drain away from the garage. A dam placed across the bottom of the door’s vertical track will slow down and delay drainage, allowing it to seep beneath doors or through other openings in the building before gushing out onto your floor.  You can buy garage door water dam at Seal Your Garage.



*Gutter fasteners such as those shown at right. They can be found in most hardware stores and home centers for about $3 per foot.


*A strip of aluminum or plastic gutter or a piece of plywood, thick enough to fit snugly against the door track (1/4 inch is fine). The dam should project 2 inches above and below the lower edge of the garage door’s vertical track. It also should overlap any wood trim that meets the underside of the door.


Water damages reported from a garage door left open after a rainfall may be reduced if water can drain away from the garage. A dam placed across the bottom of the door’s vertical track will slow down and delay drainage, allowing it to seep beneath doors or through other openings in the building before gushing out onto your floor.


Necessary Tools:


*A saw-tooth metal cutter or tin snips. A drill helps make screws hold better. You can purchase one at any hardware …