10 Things to Know Before you Organise your Event

If you have organised an event before you must know that things rarely go as expected. You have to  face many challenges while you’re at it and even at the final day of the event. While planning or managing any event you need to put yourself together because things always get messy at some point. Even though you struggle while emerging deadlines and arranging tastes you need to keep your composure intact. 

Organizing an event can be very exhausting which is why we have compiled the most important things that you need to prioritise to save tonnes of time and energy. Following are the 10 most important things to consider while you’re at it.


Define your Goals 

It might seem pretty obvious to you but it is the most important part of event management. Outline the most important goals and objectives. What is you event about? Is it a celebration or a conference or a fundraiser? Whatever it is you need to set a framework around that concept. The design of this concept will be the format of the event. 


Pay Enough Attention to Planning

The planning phase is very important. Create a shared document of the tasks to do. Make a list of the main big tasks first and then break them down into its crucial elements so that nothing is missed out. It is important to set deadlines as well because the preparation phase is underestimated and it goes a bit slower than anticipated.


Plan your Budget

Set the main budget for all the tasks that need to be done. Keep a little. Budget reserved for unfortunate circumstances. For example in case of weather changes or rain, you should have some extra budget in hand to make appropriate arrangements.  


The Detail Matters

Details are all it takes to wow your guests. Plan everything down to the smallest detail. Music, decoration, how guests will be welcomed, theme of the function, and even the dresses need to be properly planned.


Visit the Location

Always visit the location before the event. This should be done very early in the selection phase. It saves a lot of last minute hassles and emergencies.


Assign Responsibilities

Distributed tasks in your team to ensure an efficient working pace. Every person should be responsible for one type of department for example registrations or equipment or speakers etc.


Pay Close Attention to Service

You should never compromise on service because after all the only thing that’ll stay with people is how they were treated. You need to have perfection regarding the atmosphere and services provided to people. 


Food is the Heart of the Show

Work on the menu. Good food is what keeps the guests hooked. Look for catering management software to assist you in getting the best food services.


Do a Final Check One Day Prior to the Event

Run a checklist of all the important tasks one day before the event and double check everything.


Ask For Feedback 

Although you might be exhausted, but asking for reviews and feedback will give you insights on how you can improve the events in the future


Happy planning!