Accommodation In Lke Nagambie


Nagambie is a township in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria. It is located on the shores of Lake Nagambie, at the junction of the Goulburn and Broken River. The township was first settled in 1836 and is a popular holiday destination for Melbournians. There are many hotels, motel rooms and other accommodation options in Nagambie to suit your budget and requirements. The following are the reason why you should choose accommodation in Nagambie:


1) Beautiful location:

Lake Nagambie is one of the most beautiful lakes in Victoria, with scenic views and a clean environment. People are attracted to the area because of its scenic value, something that will be appreciated by both tourists and residents alike.


2) A range of outdoor activities:

This destination is surrounded by hills and forests, as well as the Lake Nagambie and Broken River. These waterways make it possible for you to enjoy water sports, fishing, kayaking or canoeing. There is also beautiful scenery, making it an excellent destination for walkers and campers.


3) History:

Lake Nagambie has a rich history, and a wonderful way to discover it is by visiting the Lake Nagambie Museum, which documents past events and attractions.


4) Shopping:

As the locals say, “shopping in Nagambie is different”, and there are many boutique shops in the area that offer products that may not be found elsewhere. Shopping for souvenirs for family or friends on your return home is also very easy.


5) Affordability:

Nagambie is home to many affordable accommodation options. For example, you can rent a house, apartment or motel room for under $150 per night. This is because the township has a lower property value than many other places in Victoria.


6) Delicious food:

In Nagambie, you will find restaurants to suit all occasions and budgets. There are also cafes and specialty stores where you can buy fresh produce straight from the farm or lake.



There are many reasons to choose Nagambie for your next holiday or relocation. With beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, history and affordability, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to stay here.