How to place your website on the Front Page

How to place your website on the Front Page


The truth is, no one really clicks on any other pages on Google unless they are so desperate to find an answer. Anyone who owns a website must keep in mind that their goal is to stay on the first page. However, being on the top spot or even just the first page is challenging. If you are a new website, it is almost impossible to compete. Although, there is still hope for you.


We are listing down some ways to earn a spot on the front page of a search engine.


Create A Lot of Quality Content


The more content you make, the better. It would help if you made a lot of content for your website visitors, so you get more chances of them considering your website whenever they search for a specific topic. It would be great to diversify your content in any business to suit any possible queries your visitor might have.


If, for example, you are a company based in Singapore, you must make a lot of content. However, don’t just publish mediocre content. Make sure that each content on your website is something worth reading. If you are looking to place your website on the top spot of a search engine in Singapore, you might want to try checking They can easily increase your profits in just 90 days. Their company works on a digital marketing strategy that utilizes data to provide you with the best results.


Pay For Your Spot

Since the top spot in Google is perhaps the most coveted location by any website, Google had allowed websites to purchase that spot. If you are looking to gain as many clicks as possible, you can consider buying the top spot. If, for example, your website is selling electronics, paying Google can go a long way.


If you’re a company based in Hong Kong, the competition for selling electronics can be very tough. Let’s say that for every click, you need to pay $3. At first, it may seem like an expensive deal. Although, if you think about it carefully, the possibilities it can bring to your website are far worth it. If a click is worth $3 and the website visitor paid for $1000 worth of gadgets, you have multiplied your capital exponentially. If your Hong Kong company is looking for someone who can help you optimize your paid ad, you might want to click on to help you with your digital marketing strategy.


Build Your Reputation


What’s so great with the digital platform is how anyone can access information and even be given by anyone. As an online business, you can have a more personal interaction with your customers by allowing them to leave you a comment or review the product they purchased. However, there are instances where their comments can work against your goal. Some customers can give awful reviews, which can sometimes be untrue.


If you’re a business based in Australia, a customer’s review will most definitely be something that can make or break your business. If you are looking for someone who can help you manage customer reviews or even get you reviews, you can visit to help you get started.


Being on the first page of Google can be tricky because of the competition. However, it is not impossible to achieve. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can even earn that top spot.