Take The Stress Out of Your Chinese New Year’s Steamboat

If you are preparing a Chinese New Year dinner and want to make a traditional steamboat meal for your family or friends. you will want to save yourself some time and effort by ordering some of the menu items online.


A steamboat meal is a Chinese custom where guests sit at a large table. There are many dishes of thin pieces of meat and seafood, and these treats are cooked inside the boiling hot broth. The guests then dip into the “steamboat” and choose which treats they want to eat.

The custom has become symbolic of family togetherness. You can get affordable Chinese New Year steamboat ingredients delivered to your home or event site. You can find frozen items online, and they are all halal. Most of them are made of surimi (finely ground fish; made into a paste).

One of the most popular categories of treats is the ball-shaped group. You can choose breaded nuggets that taste like salmon (Mini salmon fish) or feature Thai flavouring (Mini Phuket Fishball.) Another popular variety is the premium sea cucumber (surimi and sea cucumber; it is symbolic of wishes for happiness.) If you like the Thai flavouring, that item can also be found in a larger Phuket Fishball. mushroom balls (surimi mixed with mushroom bits.)

A big favourite with seafood lovers is crab treats. They offer imitation crabmeat in the following varieties: Imitation Crab Claw or Imitation Crab Sticks. These sticks can also be found in a larger size with Super Imitation Crab Stick. Some families enjoy eating log-shaped treats. These include Mini Chikuwa- (white surimi logs with a stripe of egg and soybeans) Egg Rolls); (covered in soybean paste crust) and Fish Cocktail Sausages. The latter treats look and taste like sausages

Some treats are breaded flattened egg-shaped mounds. They taste like chicken and are called Chicken Solos. Some solos are filled with cheese and some are not. Another category of treats is cubes. There are Fish Tofu cubes (”breaded” with soybean paste) and Kani Tofu (a two-layer cube. One layer is pink and flavoured like a crab while the other is made of tofu.)

For those who want an alternative to surimi, you can order Fish Maw Sliced – (shredded swim bladder.) or Premium Sliced Chicken (Shabu Shabu). These are fillets of premium chicken meat from Brazil