Types of Wood Flooring you can Install in your Home

For those of you who are considering the purchase of a new home, one aspect is often overlooked: your choice of flooring. You may believe a new development will include all sorts of furniture, fixtures, and improvements for you and your family to enjoy. But how about the floor? What type of wood is being used? If you don’t know much about wood flooring types, this article can help! Here are four types of wood floors available to you in modern homes and some crucial factors to consider when selecting which would be best for your home.

Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring comprises multiple layers of wood that are laminated together to create a visually pleasing surface. Engineered flooring can be used in various homes because each layer is made of a different type of wood that can be customized depending on the home’s preference. These floors will surely last you many years because they can handle more wear and tear than solid wood flooring types, but they will still provide the rustic look you may be looking for.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a type of engineered flooring made up of layers, but these layers are not composed of individual pieces of wood but instead two sheets of wood that are installed together. The colors and patterns of this kind of flooring can be customized to the home’s design and preference. If you are looking for a floor that will help you create the most beautiful home possible and at the lowest price possible, laminate floors are an excellent choice.

Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for wood flooring that is extremely easy to install yourself, vinyl flooring is a great option. Although vinyl is sturdy and easy to clean, it looks like hardwood flooring and, therefore, has become a popular choice among homeowners who wish to give their homes a more elegant or rich feel. It is also an intriguing choice for those who want to update their home but don’t have enough money to install another type of flooring.

Wood Plank Floors

Wood plank floors are an excellent way to help add texture and color to the room you are installing them in while keeping a mysterious, rustic feel that many homeowners love. Wood planks come in many sizes and widths that can be easily cut if you need a smaller or more significant piece of wood flooring. If you are debating which type of wood flooring would be perfect for your home, consider what kind of look you’d like to achieve and how much durability you’d like the flooring to have. If you would like to learn even more about wood flooring, contact your local contractor today!

To have a beautiful wood floor in your home, you must know what wood floors you need. Understanding the various types of wood flooring available is essential and deciding which one will be best for your house. With that knowledge, finding the perfect one for your needs should be easy.